Wooden toys are far better for the environment and they can also have a fascinating impact on the quality of our children’s play, they can also boost your little one’s social, creative and problem-solving skills.

If you purchase a wooden product of course it will be reducing waste and preserve the environment. “Wooden toys are made with the intention of having a much longer lifespan, most products also have the added benefit of being used for several different age groups and genders. We work with solid-wood products that are non-toxic, so they are also harmless for your children whereas there are concerns about the potential harm from chemicals leaching from plastic toys.

Natural is more tactile, nicer to touch. The texture and grain of natural wood encourage children to engage physically with the world around them. I still have my little wooden dog after 35 years, and of course our children play with it. That wooden dog toy brings lots of memories back to life.

Wooden toys are made to last and future generations will be able to use the same toys. It makes them more special. Wooden toys are also more durable so I never mind spending a little more on them as I know they will stand the test of time. You might even be able to pass them on to your grandchildren.

Let’s look after our planet.